Service: Workbench

Double Drawers

For this garage cabinet workbench, we placed two drawers into a 48” wide cabinet. This allowed our client in McKinney, TX to have the benefit of drawers, but also the lower storage capacity of a 48” wide cabinet. This workbench is in SILVER with an EBONY STAR countertop and GREY slat wall.

Finishing Touches Makes All the Difference

For our client in Frisco, TX we wired in a new LED Bench Light with switch and plug. Notice the extra power strip on the left side of the workbench as well. This workbench is in BRONZE with STAINLESS T STYLE HANDLES.

Workbench with Sink

Fantastic workbench space with PEWTER cabinets, EBONY STAR countertop and Stainless Steel Sink in Trophy Club, TX.

We provide everything for you including professional installation.

Epoxy Countertop for your Workbench

We can do that! Super durable and able to color coordinate to what you like!

This countertop is a DOLPHIN counter in Rowlett, TX. Awesome look!